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Honey & Tumeric Face Mask

Bring a gorgeous glow to your skin with this amazing Honey Turmeric Face Mask! Honey is naturally antibacterial, packed with antioxidants, and a soothing moisturizer.


2 tsp Nimah’s Wildflower Honey
2 Tbsp rice flour
1 Tbsp organic turmeric powder
3 Tbsp organic yoghurt

1. In a small bowl, mix honey, flour, turmeric, and yoghurt to form a smooth paste. Add yoghurt if more moisture is necessary.

2. Using a small brush, apply a thin layer to clean face and let sit for 20 minutes.

3. Rinse off with warm water. If any yellow staining occurs, use coconut oil and a warm washcloth to gently remove in small circular motions.

4. Store extra mask mixture in the fridge and use within 7 days.

5. Admire your glowing, beautiful skin!

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