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Raw honey is not processed, heated or filtered. Raw honey contains all its vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Most honey will crystallize over time, this does not mean honey has gone bad! This is actually a good sign of high quality honey. Processed honey tends to take much longer to crystallise. It’s fairly simple to turn your honey back to liquid again by warming it. We recommend placing the jar of honey in a warm (NOT hot) bowl of water. This allows the honey to slowly warm up and turn back into liquid.

Honey can literally last forever. Providing you store your honey correctly and avoid food particles getting inside the jar. We recommend storing your honey in a cool, dark and dry place.

Honey is a supersaturated solution and, therefore, if kept properly stored, will never spoil! Also, honey has an acidic pH and contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps prevent spoilage. Bees are incredible creatures!

However, just like many other food products which contain sugar and amino acids, honey undergo a natural “caramelization” process called Maillard Reaction. Over time, the honey color will darken, and the flavors will slightly change, becoming more caramelized. That’s the reason why food stores require an expiration date for honey. 


The definition of raw honey should be very simple: as it is in the hive. Raw honey still contains all micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. It should never be filtered and/or heated above the hive’s average internal temperature. 

Any honey that has been treated in a way which alters its physics-chemical composition can be considered a processed honey.

At Nimah’s Honey Company, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. All of our packagings is recyclable and we encourage you to re-use your honey jars.

We ensure our local beekeepers never exploit the bee and take all their honey, we always ensure they leave enough honey for the bees over the rainy season. Given the right conditions, bees are extremely hard working and will produce more honey than they can use over the raining season.

Raw honey is a natural product and might contain microbes that can be harmful for the child’s still developing immune and digestive systems. Older children and adults digestive system is strong enough to deal with these microbes.

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