Our Honey


Our honey is outsourced from our loyal beekeeper in Plateau state who has been supplying us honey for years.

Nimah’s honey has very little done to it from being taken off the hives from our beekeeper, to the cleaning process of removing honeycombs, wax and debris through the finest mesh nets and the finally been stored in our gorgeous shaped gourmet jars.


Our Mission

Our mission is to source unadulterated honey from beekeepers devoted to their bees, their communities, and the land. We want to generate transparency by connecting consumers to producers, educating people about the amazing benefits of honey, introduce a wide range of naturally infused premium honey with herbs and spices and most importantly, make honey more appealing to the millennials, and every generation at large.

The best honey is the pure, clean, sustainably harvested honey.

We have a limited amount of honey for sale each year, as we like to leave our beekeepers bees enough honey to get through the rainy seasons.

Sharing the love for honey

Send a sweet message with our 100% wildflower honey in these cute mini jars. Send your loved ones, guests and friends a special message with our honey. Perfect for souvenier and more.

Become a stockist

We are always excited to share our honey with everyone we come accross. If you have a store whether online or offline and most importangtly you love honey and would love to stock some of our pure goodness, follow the link below!

Recycle with us

We are dedicated to share the love for honey and spread the knowledge and importance of bees and honey. Our aim is to inspire you to enjoy honey in new ways and discover exquisite pairings you have never tried before.

Shop Our Range

Nimah’s raw and unadultrated wildflower honeys are 100% pure and natural – just as nature intended. They’re perfect for waking up your breakfast and come in receyclable glass jars Delicious on everything from pancakes, to granola,yogurts and fruit.

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