NHC Earth

5 Empty Jars = 1 Free gift


At Nimah’s Honey, we are all about sustainabilty and the environment which is one of the reasons we use glass jars and paper bags in our packaging. 

We have only one Earth so we all have to do our part to protect it. Recycle with us & be a part of our efforts towards a cleaner environment.

How to join our recycling program


Step 1:  Ensure you have exhausted all the goodness of your honey before proceeding.

Step 2: Fill out the pickup form below or find the nearest #NHCEarth drop off location to you to drop off your empty jars.

Step 3: Clean your jars and bottles with water and get them ready for pick up 1-5 days after request has been made.

Step 4: Hand over your emty jars to our pick-up representative at the drop off location or at your given address.

Step 5: Receive a free jar of honey immediately 😉

Step 6: Smile, you are helping to save our Earth 🙂